Day 10 – 50% of Swing#1

I have been here for 10 days. And just when I am getting into this whole cycling routine of mine, my body decides to go into a state of confusion and “let’s just take a break by having a cold”. The symptoms came on suddenly too – meh.

My current addiction to Orange is the New Black, and more so, my celebrity crush on one particular actress names Laura Prepon is becoming ridiculous. It is a MUST DO every night before I sleep. The body is probably angry for my mind being such a shit and not allowing it to shut down when it really should each evening. *sheepish grin*

Work seems to be getting better. I am finally getting somewhere with knowing the equipment and their location, and even getting into the generator side of things which is bloody fantastic!

I have been really enjoying this time that I have had to myself. There has been too much going on over the past year or so that this solitude is refreshing, and ultimately good for self reflection. I suppose if I can feel happy within myself and with myself, then life will just get better from there. I would obviously like to have someone with me, but this may be difficult in itself. I still wonder sometimes, who would love a person like me? Am I attractive?

What attracts people to others? Why do we sometimes make the wrong decision?

Ah humans.

PS. I cannot believe this is my first blog post in years!


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