I finally feel like I am getting somewhere, and I feel like I am understanding the project better. It is awesome. 🙂 Having the last two days with WG and just trying to get information from him has been the best form of download rather than talking to people like BP and PS. It makes such a world of difference talking to the right people.

The last few days have honestly flown by for some reason or other. And it’s only 5 days left before Radelaide! Yay! I am so looking forward to this, and I cannot wait for the cold to go away. I am also looking forward to Sneaky Pinot. 🙂

After this first swing, I can safely say that this job will be a real challenge and there will be bumps along the way but with the Spirit guiding me through, I will be fine.

Oh, and what about that eye candy! Irish accent, beautiful eyes. O M G. There is something about that accent. Why. Why. Why. If it’s not Irish, it’s Scottish. And why do the women have such gorgeous eyes?! I need to find out her name. We have been smiling at each other in the office but I have no balls to talk to her. But one day I will just say, “fuck it, let’s do this”. One day. In 25 years time. (-.-)

The one thing I love about work these days is that for a higher rate, I get to come home and forget about work. I am bound by the bus times, and in so many ways, it’s awesome. 🙂 I know that I will start bringing work home at some point because I want to get things done right, but for this swing, and maybe the next, NAH.

I have discovered a few things about myself during this first swing. I have discovered things about people around me. I have reaffirmed my judgement in certain others.

This swing, has been a learning curve in itself, and what a beautiful lesson it was.

Here’s to me getting back to 100%, and here’s to a job where I would hopefully make a difference in.


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