T – 1 Day

I get to go home in about a day and a half, and I am sure looking forward to it. This first swing has been such a revelation. The change of jobs, the change of location, the change of rosters, everything kinda happened all at once.

I suppose the one word to summarise this swing, is growth. Learning more and more not to expect anything from anyone. Learning to walk away instead of being in a situation of  negative connotations. Learning to handle things without having to rely on the opinions of others. Because, really, at the end of the day, everyone is on this earth for their own existence. Harsh as it sounds, but truth that needs to be accepted, and integrated as well as possible.

I have also learnt that there is nothing wrong with wanting that time alone. There is nothing wrong with being a ‘loner’. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little time with myself, and to allow the Spirit to lead. This was what I was missing for a long long time. The Holy Spirit. The Faith that had kept me sane all these years.

I guess I deviated from the path for a bit. I was going a bit wild. I was trying to find my own way, by myself. And I somehow knew deep within that I would return. Very much like the prodigal son. It is just like what had happened in Italy. But this year, it happened in Darwin, in its own very special way. Which is why, I think Darwin is already bearing a special place in my heart.

I feel like I am getting to know myself a lot better. I feel like there is time to reflect inwards, much more than before. More so, there is the time for me to actually do something like this, and to be able to express my thoughts. Those who read, will read, and who knows? Maybe they will gain something based on what I am experiencing in life. And know that they are not really alone in their quirky and strange thoughts.

Ultimately, this first 3 weeks, has taught me plenty. It has given me the chance to come back to earth. I have let go of a few people. But that was necessary. And onwards and upwards we go. 🙂


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