I’m a Bee

So I have gotten back from a rather interesting trip to Adelaide, discovering more about myself and more importantly what I don’t like in travel companions. 

The trip reaffirmed that R and I do make very decent travel companions for each other and CJ and I don’t. And nothing will change the friendship at all, it’s just the way it is. And it further confirms the fact that we can’t be anything but friends. And it’s cool. She’s said some pretty hurtful stuff in passing which I do not appreciate but hey that’s just things to learn to let go.

Since coming back from Adelaide I’ve been absolutely swamped with the work and it’s actually making me feel more useful. I think the point of being left alone this week without PS is a true blessing in disguise and is perfect for me to build on my rships with others. And it’s also made me realise how absolutely shit things are and that the boys haven’t been doing much at all. I have no idea what they have been doing at work really.

I’ve been worried about Mom. She’s been very quiet of late and she’s increasingly unhappy. I just hope our decision to live apart has affected her too much 😦 I just cannot take the father’s attitude anymore. Its beyond me. But here’s praying she is okay and will be okay. I do love my mother to bits and pieces.


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