The story of any FIFO worker is that we are living very much in isolation as individuals. We don’t get much out of being with our work mates because let’s face it, who can we really trust at work at the end of the day? We are in a dog eat dog world here and it is a rarity to find friends at work places. 

I’ve definitely been blessed given the work environments that I have been on in the last few years but it’s definitely come to an end with this one. I have yet to find someone I can really trust in this project and perhaps this is the way the cookie crumbles in big organisations such as this. 

Speaking of which I cannot believe how disorganised everything is with admin. There is virtually no admin, really because I can’t even get an answer to my flights being booked. What the fuck. Oh wells.

The toilet time is the only solitary time at work I get and I am absolutely treasuring these few minutes I get.


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