I have decided to cut off ties with a friend whom I thought i could just maintain as a superficial friend. But with whatever that has been happening over the past few months and the games she has been playing, and the toxic nature of the entire friendship it is time to say goodbye. 

I have to learn to accept and actually believe that some people are not meant to be in our lives. Some would be but not many at all. CL was kinda right back in the day that I don’t have too many real friends here. And I wonder if it’s the nature of the people here, or have I changed to be less tolerant of people around me. I know that there will always be the day when I find things less tolerable. When I find myself not accepting things that are not right instead of trying to find the good in whatever I can find. This is reality. 

At the end of the day, isolation like that has been awesome. I have learnt heaps and doing things I wouldn’t usually be finding myself doing. 

Swing #2 has been tiring. But productive.


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