Virtual Reality

The first day without FB has taught me one very important fact – social media has made us all into rather superficial human beings. It has made us disconnect from the actual meaning keeping in touch because we assume that people will post updates about their lives there for all the world to see. What happens when avenues such as FB is taken away from us? How many of us would actually realise “oh hey he/she isn’t on FB anymore and I should probably send him/her a text.” 

Being FB-free will allow more realizations and reality to bite through but hey it is rather refreshing. 

As much as I struggle sometimes with things such as the above, I am thankful for the life God had given me to live through (sometimes begrudgingly but you know what I mean) and I truly look forward to the day I get to be at complete peace and happiness with myself to live life the best way I should. 


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