Do you ever get that moment when you are in a rut and then things progressively happen, you experience life, listen to stories, receive feedback from others, and then suddenly, it clicks? It’s like a little switch inside the brain that goes “eureka!” and suddenly everything seems so clear. The moment of feeling sorry for yourself passes, and you are ready to move on. 

I might be the only strange one but that tends to need to happen for me before I can move on. I mope, and I know that I do. But in the moping I find myself deeply connected with the nerve endings of my heart and my mind which then can sometimes eventuate to an over sensitive bitch who seems like she needs to get laid. But let’s save that for later. 

Ultimately there is a clarity since the start of this swing. I think I have closed the journey with a few people and the gates to my heart are now closed with them. And there is the one where I have decided to completely disconnect from in its entirety because it’s actually affecting me too much. 

And here’s the end note for this morning – I fly out tomorrow!!!! 😁😁


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