I feel like this break has been absolutely awesome. Not just because of the fact that I am in Perth, but also because of the fact that I have made it clear in my head who are the ones who really matter to me.

I am still reeling in from all the past hurts, and disappointments, and the surprises that I have experienced in the world of FE, but that will soon become a thing of the past and I am moving on. Graciously. The whole concept of completely disconnection, like my mother said, is a little far fetched, and who knows what might happen in the future – I might find myself being in a situation where cutting her off wouldn’t have been the best decision I would have made. So it’s toned down. I will not contact her. And I will try not to associate myself with her posts on FB, even though it is difficult considering how much she does post and how connected she is with my friends as well.

This whole social media world is pretty farked though. This world actually removes the whole concept of being genuine. People tend to forget without the help of social media these days. And I am definitely one of them. And that’s why, being away from FB and all its crazy consequences, has helped so much to clear this head of mine.

I am ultimately thankful for a family whom I love. I am thankful for the handful of friends whom I can really count on. I am thankful for the gifts that God has given me, even though I haven’t really used them much at all in the last few years. I am thankful for the job that I have now, allowing me to move forward with the things that I want to do in life.

I suppose this is all part of growing up. And I know I still am growing up, despite being beyond the age of 31. Hitting 32 this year will be interesting, and as I move towards the mid-thirties, I can only imagine the things that are coming up for me.

I am actually really hoping to do a trip with the sister – just the two of us, for maybe a week. Just to re-connect, and to have a good time together without the influence of the folks and the husband. Hmm. I must work on this.

And, I must work towards spending time with people who actually matter in my life. Instead of fleeting birds.


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