Point of Awkward

So yesterday I saw someone for the first time after spending almost an entire night flirting with her. The worst part – she’s one of my closest friend’s sister. I had thought she was semi serious with her flirting but after trying to get her out for a meal and getting slapped around like a silly goose, I figured she was just in a super happy place and enjoyed the lesbianic attention she was receiving. 

There was a super big pause of awkward from the moment I greeted her to the moment I left the birthday party (thank goodness not hers). It was as though something had happened that night and there was huge efforts in trying to mask that or at least attempt to not even think about it. 

It got better towards the end but the entire awkwardness was just something that has bothered me till this morning. The whole ‘what if’ burns in the mind. And whilst I don’t think we make a great couple, I’ve always found her hot. Always. This is going back years. And because she knows how to dress up, that makes it even more difficult not to turn around when she shows up. Hur. 

Ultimately, it teaches one thing – flirt with only those that aren’t your friend’s family. It just makes things that much more complicated. And complicated is not what we need in life. 



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