I’ve always dreamt of a fairytale love story for myself. Well, who hasn’t? I dream of the days where I can just cuddle up to someone I adore and just be with her watching some comedy. And as I get older this hasn’t really changed (much). Maybe because I have only really had one rship and that is hardly enough to tarnish my view of this thing called love. 

But realistic love. What is it? I reckon acceptance. I reckon trust. And I reckon honesty. I think realistic love as per the bible (as religious as it sounds) bears all and conquers all. Moments of up being cherished and kept as memories, and moments of down being forgiven and learnt by both parties. It’s a tough ask. The whole idea of being one to accept another’s past no matter how insanely crazy it might have been (or pathetically pale) is a choice that one makes based on the emotional and soulful state. For me, having to find someone accept me and my pale past and the lack of bedding anyone is actually a challenge rather than a gift. But I have no regrets going through life the way I have. Took me a while to get over the reaction(s) I have received from CJ and the things she has said to me but if no one wants to accept me for my past, then really that person is not really for me is she? 

Ah thoughts at 7am in the morning are the best. 


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