The work has finally come to a stage where it is now time to start playing games. Well it was always there but I have now been really commissioned into this game. And it’s been interesting to say the least.

You try to sus people out. Their habits. Their moods. Their styles. Their inability to understand what you are saying because they have no clue. You start making mental notes of who the people are whom you can actually go to for valuable assistance, and those you just don’t waste any time on. 

Them you start playing your cards, slowly. You make sure you constantly watch your back because someone might either throw you under a bus or take a knife and just backstab you themselves.

It is unfortunately such a nasty world out there and really, no one is left out of this equation of the dog eat dog world. You just learn to deal with it in the most humane, and the most ethical way. Without compromising any of the values that you were taught as a child and as a Christian. 

And so. This battle begins. 


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