Well this is starting to get just that tad pathetic. I used to be able to handle the booze so well and is this really age starting to catch up on me already? I am feeling worse for wear this morning after 3 beers, half a bottle of wine and an espresso martini. Surely that wouldn’t be that much to make me hungover? But maybe it’s the mixture of drinks.

Anyway, that was not the point of the blog this morning. The point of the blog this morning is something far far away from the words of a drunken woman.

The amount of lessons I have learnt over the past year has been plentiful. Yesterday in exchanging some text messages with JL, I found myself at peace and knowing that I have made the right decision re our friendship/relationship (whatever one calls that crazy brief phase of being absolutely infatuated with someone 22 years her senior). I had let her go. And whilst I say I let her go, I will always regard her as a friend. Not so much the closest friend I will have, but one of those whom I can probably meet for a drink every once in a while. That said, she has not mentioned once about catching up – which is making me think if she was ever sincere in the first place?

Onto more insightful thoughts.

The concept of falling in love. There is no such thing as a set formula. It works very different for each person, and whilst you hear various stories from others, there is no two stories that are exactly the same. And that’s the truth. You may find similarities here and there, but the stories within each love story is really unique in its own right. And it is that, which is beautiful, really. 🙂

Hmm, this blog post is going absolutely nowhere because I have been so distracted. Oh wells. Now that my head has stopped pounding, it is time to make my way to the city and hopefully find me some Pho!


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