Mind Over Heart

Do you ever get those days where you are just constantly thinking of something or someone and you are just absolutely swamped with the possibilities of what may happen and you feel all excited. And then suddenly it comes crashing down. Reality bites yet again, and you crawl back into your shell – just curling up in absolute agony over what you have just done to yourself – daydreaming. 

Why is it such? Why do we allow ourselves to get into that state of euphoria only to be given two tight slaps after? 

We learn over time though. We start to realise when we are slipping into that state of fake euphoria and we are able to take control and snap out of it sooner. 

All that said, one should never allow hope to dissipate when that euphoric feeling is taken away. Hope should always remain. Thrive on hope. But never thrive on something as fake as the imagination that spins through our minds.


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