Need for Speed

I tend to do that to myself. I start getting too excited and I do silly things. I think even sillier things. And then there comes a point where it’s like “how the hell did you get to this point without even anything really happening besides an exchange of text?!” I would imagine that it is because I’m excited to have found someone with so much in common (well now more and more things in finding I don’t have in common with her). And then I forget that I should really just let it happen. I always do. 

But the fact that something clicked in me after I had sent the last message to her proves to me that I am finally learning bit by bit. Cannot rush. Let things go on its course. Even if I Am working away the way I am, if it’s meant to be, it will be. 

SO has been a nice distraction. A very nice distraction actually. There is definitely a connection there. I can’t work out what it is still. But there is definitely a connection. 

So there’s two more days. I am nervous. I shouldn’t be apparently. But I am. I do like this girl. But more and more it seems like things are dissipating a bit. I just need to let things ride on its own. 

And then… I fly out tomorrow!!!! 


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