Sometimes, you get those vibes deep within. You know, those ones where you feel like that something is just working out. Those vibes where you just feel that connection with someone else. And it seems that they are reciprocating. But are they genuinely reciprocating? Or are they just simply being nice as a person? Therein lies the struggle of knowing.

Not that it really matters, because at the end of the day, if the person does decide to reciprocate, it is but his/her decision to do so. And then you take it from there.

The above, does not exactly pertain to romantic relationships only by the way. It does apply to friendships as well. One thing someone has told me a long time ago, which has stuck since then is, “time is the greatest gift any one can give you. because time, is something you will never ever get back”. This line, since I was personally told off, has been one great lesson to convince myself of how people do like me. That people do want to spend time with me. Because quite frankly, they could all just decide not to have any time reserved for me, and that I can go bugger off.

So, the point of saying all of the above, is that if you feel the vibes, take the time to decide if you do want to take it forward. Then, if you do, make the reasonable effort to do so. If it’s reciprocated, disregarding all reasons behind it, then those vibes have been proven correct, and hey, you found another connection in your life. Whether it lasts for a while, well, time will tell that, wouldn’t it?



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