It was never going to be easy. And I knew it. I knew that it will actually get progressively more difficult even. You start missing your bae. You miss her and you wanna just have her in your arms, but you can’t because of circumstances that you both have signed up for. You want to tell her you miss her every single day but it may become a bit much and it will possibly take the whole meaning out of the sentimentalism of it all.

Bottom line is that you try to make it work. You put in the effort and you make time for each other when you are indeed in the same city as each other. You sacrifice your own me-time in a lot of instances for together-time you would otherwise not have because you are in Darwin slogging away at a job that is seemingly not going to end. You try to support each other in all ways possible, and you try to keep things as fresh as you can because you know from reality that things do fizzle out over time. 

What happens from here then? You just make that effort. You fight. You love. And then you hope. You hope that your efforts, and hers, would eventuate into something so beautiful that these efforts are nothing but a true love affair in the making.


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