Love is Love

My first relationship was seemingly perfect because there she was, this woman, a Scot with a bloody sexy Scottish accent, an engineer, and a Christian. All the stars seem to have lined up then. I was absolutely ecstatic. I couldn’t believe the first girl I dated would be the one who happened to “tick all the boxes”.

Then things changed. She changed. Her Christian life was taking over and it seemed that being a lesbian was something not right (I have no idea what sort of message that was meant to send re the entire Christianity and its acceptance of the LGBT community). So within a trip to Italy, she broke up with me in the typical fashion. What that had made me realise, is how little all these ticks meant. So what if she was Christian? So what if she was a Scottish lass with a massively sexy accent? The religion was often spoken about during the relationship. Being a Roman Catholic, there were many aspects she could not understand and did not want to accept. This really meant that two people who believed in the same God, was essentially divided by their own little sub-beliefs. Now, for me, I didn’t really care that we had differences between the denominations, but it obviously mattered to her.

The concept of love and peace is simple. Its meant to be simple. Humans complicate it. I still believe in God. And I still believe in the fact that He is out there watching. But I also believe in the simplicity of the love He teaches through the church. It means acceptance. It means respect. It means to do unto others what you would have wanted others to do unto you. It’s really that simple. Love encompasses all, per Corinthians. So why are we still fighting and disrespecting the very differences that make each of us unique on this earth? Race, religion, culture, etc.

Anyway. I am now dating an absolutely gorgeous Australian atheist. And there is so much more respect between us than there would ever be between my ex and I when it comes to accepting each other’s beliefs.

So at the end of the day, does religion really teach us the values that we ought to know and learn? In most instances, no. I’d hate to say it, but religion actually teaches us to judge. To judge others for who they are not, in accordance to the ‘teachings’ we are all meant to follow. We are judging people, who actually have a good heart and would never hurt anyone, and condemning them for being who they are, and for wanting to love and be loved. What about those idiots who kill? Who take the lives of others?

Love, is love. You cannot put any rules to love. You cannot put restrictions. You cannot measure love. You cannot teach love. You have to love to see love being returned and given elsewhere. Love, is love, is love.


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