Was it love?

How is it that I had only met you once and you had managed to have such a hold over me even though we are such different people with such different backgrounds? 

How is it that I still think of you so often and I miss you with each moment I breathe? How is it that my heart skips that beat whenever I think of the possibility of me being able to see you again? 

How is it that I feel as though we both had something real going on and that we just needed to meet each other at a different time to make it work? And will we be able to perhaps months after this? 

Will I still feel the same way in a few months? Would you even remember me? 

Did I unknowingly fall in love with you and not even realise that I have? Why is it so difficult to get you out of my mind then? 

Would you give us both a chance if we had one in the future? 


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