What makes one person’s opinion of another differ from yours? What sets these opinions fundamentally so different from each other?

One person may see me as gay. Another straight, and yet another bisexual. And it’s the same for any other person, really.

Being sure of who you are is the fundamental thing we all need to get right in this life because no one is as sure of ourselves as ourselves. And if we don’t know who we are, then there is nothing anyone can do.

Acknowledging how we feel about another person is also probably worth working on, and worth getting experience in because it is always that difficult to figure out how we really feel about the person. Being aware of our feelings towards that person. Is it more than friends? Is it something that we want to see develop into something more? Or is it nothing more than a pleasant eye candy to have as a friend? It could be so many things. Being aware of our feelings will allow us to control what we do about them. Not knowing just sends us into a spiral of potentially very complicated… well. Shit. Either that, or we become so oblivious to whatever that is happening in front of us, and when shit does hit the fan, we find ourselves in a rut that we know not how to handle. Been there, done that, don’t ever want to go back there again.

The perception of another person is no one’s else’s business, but, you. The way you perceive a person will almost always be different to another. You may agree on certain things about a person, but it is more likely than not that you will have differing opinions about another person because ultimately the way we treat each other is a reflection of how much we like the person. And this again, differs from person to person, depending on the circumstances that you find yourselves in when you first meet.

The point here, is that we can ask everyone else about their opinions of a certain person, but there is no one else who will be in control of how we really view the person and thereby approach the relationship with the person besides ourselves.

So ask away, take in the opinions of others. But never trade that for your own gut feeling or thoughts about that person. Because no one on this earth owns them feelings and thoughts but you. And no one has seen this person the way you have. No one has seen the person they way they are in front of you. That is a connection that is unique and can only be made or broken by you. And only you… Or them.


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