What happens when you had rejected someone, and went for another person, only to be drawn back to this person you first rejected? The one thing that you thought was missing from her, is actually showing itself more and more. So where does that lead you?

It leads you to the point where you feel like you no longer want to hold back. You want to ask her out on a date. Even though you had rejected her before. You were in a way, pushed away by the intensity of the conversations. And now, things seem to just fall into place, and things are at a comfortable enough level. And you both seem to be having such lovely, funny conversations.

But do you potentially ruin things by asking her out? Do you spring her a surprise phone call and say “so, I thought we might talk over the phone and actually hear each other’s voices before potentially meeting in person at some point this year?” But where do you muster that courage to do so? Is it even worthwhile to potentially lose a friend?

Or perhaps you are thinking too much. You are reading too much into her words.

Do you allow your heart to feel again? Do you allow yourself to have your heart exposed to someone you had closed your heart to before?

Perhaps this is what they say about timing. Some things don’t happen at a certain time because you are not ready. I would not have been able to process certain things the way I do now, if I had gone ahead back then.

So timing, is a factor after all.

Question: Do you like her?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Would you ask her out on a date?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What’s changed from before?

Answer: Time.


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