Be Still…

… my beating heart.

You may think as though you have found the absolute love of your life, but you know that past experiences tell you otherwise for most part. You have learnt from past experiences that you need to calm yourself down just in case it was another case of unrequited love.

That said, don’t be too pessimistic about the whole thing either because this girl, this lady, no, this woman, actually did make the first moves – or so to speak. She made her way to where she is now, through effort. And all this, with a child in her life, and a demanding job to boot. And you know how you go soft whenever you witness a woman so independent, so strong, so aware of what she wants in life.

My beating heart, don’t allow your impatience to cause yet another failure in what you might consider a potentially great relationship. Let it ride out its path for once. Have confidence in that soul that you were gifted with, and have confidence in that personality that you were raised to have. Be aware of how much you’re letting yourself into this unknown territory, and guard as much of yourself as you are¬†exposing it to let her know that she owns a wee part of it.

Try to reduce and avoid expecting anything when you think of her and text. Be real, but be safe. Be confident, but be welcoming.

My beating heart, be still for this one time… and see if time really does the wonders that it does. And maybe believe a little more in the little miracles that love may indeed have to offer – over distance, over opinions, over judgement, over fear.


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