Maybe there is such a thing as flame-out. Maybe there is such a notion as dissipating feelings. Or is it me putting my guard up after what has happened in the last 2 days? The seemingly interested woman, with all that flirtatious side to her has now retreated, and so I seem to be doing the same.

It doesn’t feel like mind games, and oddly enough, I don’t feel in any way insecure with her. However, I do feel as though I am not getting that sense of interest on her side. I would like to say that she’s just really beat from her looooong week – which she has had, but it just feels a bit weird altogether.

The whole idea of meeting her in Melbourne, and potentially finding a connection there, makes me wonder “what next”. What is going to happen between us both? Am I going to head to Darwin for visits? Would she even fly down to Perth? The last thing I really want, is for her to be one of those who would commit, and not back down even if she is no longer interested because that just wastes both our time.

All that said, I really am looking forward to meeting her. I am finding her more and more attractive physically, which simply means I am falling deeper and deeper, which I do not really want to. I find myself controlling the emotions within a lot better than usual, so hopefully that will last.

For now, I am fully fascinated with her aloof nature and wonder if she still is interested. I no longer know.


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