One gets to a point where she makes the decision to just be vulnerable. Yes. It was a conscious decision to do so. To bare it all. Just put it out there. And thankfully, the feeling is mutual. 

But then that leaves the exposure. That point where your bare heart has let down its guard in a way that leaves you at risk for a tear, a crack, a break or even a huge shatter. What do you do then? 

Logic has it that you have not even met the person and so you can’t possibly be that invested into the entire situation. Reality however sings quite the different tune in that there are so many factors that are going to challenge this thing you have going on with her. And then there is the heart and gut saying “it’s okay. Give this a chance. Give this that shot it deserves. Give yourself. Give her a chance at this”. 

And one won’t deny – it is mighty difficult not thinking about the “what if’s”. It is difficult not to wonder what it maybe like moving forward. 

All the above said, she is different. She has ticked so many boxes. And whilst it is the harder road to take, it may be worth while. She tries. She puts in the effort I have never seen others do for me.

Truth is this:

  • I like her.
  • She is different, in a good/great way.
  • I feel this is a 2nd chance for me.
  • I like her. 

And one wonders – shouldn’t that be enough? Why are you holding back?


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