It is amazing what scars can do to a person. They not only make one stronger but it would seem that scar tissues are also very good reminders of never wanting to go through that sort of pain ever again. 

You know the ones I am talking about – the ones where you now feel like such an idiot for allowing yourself to stoop down to that level to get some form of attention that wasn’t even real. The ones that leave you wondering how the f#%k you even managed to get so obsessed over the person who really didn’t give two shits about you. 

Those scars create innate walls and it creates the concept of fear. So really – does fear then make us stronger? Or is it these scar tissues that inevitably intertwine to become something so tough that will not allow the same form of attack to destroy what it’s healed? 

I am well aware and conscious of all that I am saying and doing. More so, I know that I have my walls back up after what has happened in the last two days and thinking about things very logically. Perhaps this really is the way to live – logically. And as much as I would love to be one of the few hopeless romantics on earth – I want to say it out loud for the first time ever – romance is overrated.

I totally didn’t mean that. It actually made me feel sick in my tummy. But for the purpose of what I am going through at the moment – romance needs to halt.


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