It is difficult not to have certain elements of a person rub off on you when you have forged a certain relationship with them – be it a friendship or a relationship or even as good colleagues. 

There is this process of infiltration that one wouldn’t really be able to feel until something significant happens and you go “wow, I would never have done this if I had not known this person”. 

This is more likely to happen if you actually liked the person by the way. If you didn’t really have much of an opinion about the person then well. It would be difficult to even have any thought related to what has transgressed between you pass through that filter. 

In other news, it was a 1hr42min conversation last night with this woman whom I am just getting more and more intrigued by and yet feeling as though I may not actually be what she is looking for. Our humour seems to be different. Everything else seems to just… Fit. Comfortably. But humour is yet this massive element for me that I need to get right. How do you go through life with a significant other without being able to make her laugh? That’s huge! 

In any case, I love her voice. And I admire her strength and her embracing her quirky side. I love the fact that she doesn’t follow the crowd. 

Am I actually punching above my own weight?


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