Bad Apples are Good for You

You heard me right.

After going through two rather average (read as: absolute sh1t) experiences with the last 2 women I thought were pretty damn special, I see so much more in what she is doing and saying to me now. I appreciate the little things. Things that she remembers. The ex didn’t even remember my birthday. Yes. I welcome the sympathy vote here, thanks. 

These bad apples in our lives teach us never to bite too close to the core for fear of worms. They teach us to look out for little dents on the outside indicating rot before taking the bite bit most of all these bad apples tend to make the good ones taste even better (figuratively speaking). 

I feel like I can’t take the plunge and yet I feel so connected to her that I feel she’s got exclusive rights to me. Not that the rights are really that grand but it does mean she gets more out of me than others would. Not that I mind. But how do you convince your logical mind that it is okay to virtually offer your heart to someone you have never met and has so many factors surrounding the two of you that will make it challenging to even have a relationship? That is if she feels the same way about you. That depth.



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