When It All Comes Crumbling

It never rains but it pours. A good ol’ saying that is the perfect description to what has been happening in the last week. 

So how does one deal with the mental and emotional burden of the work and love life seemingly crashing? 

One simply stays afloat. One doesn’t bother swimming. It’s all about staying afloat. By whatever selfish means one has to employ. Typically we are looking at the use of having walls up and blocking people out and potentially being alone so that there are no further external factors being involved in the so-called whirlwimd that you are going through. 

The storm will pass but you haven’t a clue when it might happen so you just wait. And you stay afloat. 

And be aware of the exhaustion that comes with worrying and overthinking too, making sure never to react to something that isn’t a true account of what might really be.

When it all comes crumbling, you stay afloat.


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