Wait for You

I write songs when I am not actually managing the horrible client that I have in my hands at the moment and I do cover versions of songs that I believe I can do a decent job of. Essentially, I am a bit of a music nazi outside of work hours (in addition to the endless thinking I do).

After all these thoughts about waiting for her, I have been wanting to write a song that would help me express how I feel and it’s been difficult. Till last night.

I’ve been thinking for a long time
If you let me take your hand
Enclose it with mine
I’ve been thinking about the time
We said we would calm the tide
I know we want to take things slow
But I can’t help that I wanna let you know

That I’ll wait for you
Till you’re comfortable to let me through
I will stand by you
Till you give me word that I can start
Giving you the hugs that I long to give
Being that safe place that you’d want me to be
Oh I’ll wait for you

I know that if you open your heart
Fears and insecurities
Makes things a bit tougher to start
Getting past all of the moments
That made us cry inside
We can also take that leap of faith
And remember this deep inside

And I know it’s time
Time is on our side
If we let it take us to a place where we could be
Till then I ain’t going anywhere, can’t you see

Sometimes waiting for that moment is truly key.


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