You can never be too thankful. You can never thank a person enough. There is a truckload of things in this world that one can really be thankful for. 

Gratitude is often underused. It’s often forgotten. And we wonder why people are so bitter sometimes? Do we ever thank someone for holding the door for us anymore? Do we ever say “I appreciate it” when you know that someone gave up something for us? 

And no, it won’t lose its meaning if you say it too often. And some may argue the point that it will bring about a certain pig headedness in the person you are thanking but that is really out of your control. 

The lack of gratitude results in one taking another for granted. The notion of “oh it will happen” or “I don’t need to worry about it – they will take care of it for me”. When one gets to this stage of removing gratitude out of their lives, it kinda goes downhill from there. Awareness of the goodness that is coming out of another diminishes. 

So let’s be thankful. Say thank you more often. To your folks, your partner, your friend, or even your child. Gratitude is definitely underrated in this world of selfish wants and desires and self righteousness.


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