The Fine Line

As I walked through the door into my home after my 1/2 hour swim, it dawned on me the essence of the fine line. Yes, extremely random, but hear me out.

You hear people say it all the time “there is a fine line between ‘just friends’ and ‘more than friends'”, or, “there is a fine line between teasing and insult”, and so many more.

The question here, is who defines this fine line? And where is the location of this line that one speaks of? As humans, we are so fond of manipulation. And yet we hate it when it is done unto us. The irony of it all, isn’t it?

To me, the fine line doesn’t technically exist. It is a LINE. A very distinct, bold, thick line that defines our boundaries. And it is set by our individual expectations, values, principles, what have you. It is your boundary that you create to separate between right / wrong, happy / sad, disappointment / frustrations. You get what I mean – the list goes on and on.

And you might see these lines existing within your friendships and relationships too, because lines are boundaries. There will be a certain point where your head or heart or gut would go “nup, that’s crossed the line“.

So the supposed fine line, in my simple mind, doesn’t exist.

Lines, yes. Fine? Well, why would that need to be? A line is but a line. And remember to keep those lines reasonable whilst you’re at it. Our lives are made of multiple lines, and it drives us to be the people at work, in our relationships, in our friendships. It somewhat defines us.

Lines, yes. Boundaries, absolutely. Fine lines, why bother?


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