Seeing that I am on my way to the other side of the country, with a whole heap of things running through my head, I figured it will be a good time to discuss this topic of travel.

I have always loved the idea of travelling. Getting on a plane, landing onto a completely unknown location, one that will spark the senses to heighten, and to be engaged with the new, and forget the old, as it were. When one travels, there is an inevitable desire to find out more. Or so that is my own perception of it. There is a desire to find out what other people do in other parts of the world when they are eating, when they are out and about, heck, even when they are at home or at work!

There is a beauty in absorbing another’s culture, and there is beauty in absorbing without judgement. Sure, we all have different opinions on matters, but ultimately, there is some form of appreciation for how others live their lives in their own little home nest.

And I suppose that is where coming from a country like Singapore does help in some ways. The country in itself is tiny. And I mean tiny. There is really nowhere to wander around when you’ve only got about 65km by 54km to cover. Yes. That is literally it. Give and take, there has been a lot of reclamation work that has happened in the last few years, so it has probably extended somewhat. The fact that it is such a tiny country, gives more reason for us to get out because of sheer boredom. And whilst it maybe the case that travel requires money, Singapore is somehow geographically located in such a prime spot that it makes it quite affordable to get anywhere (even if it just a weekend getaway in a Malaysian island).

So back to the reality of travelling. It opens one’s mind, and it tends to be a subjective activity within the brain. As your eyes and ears, nose and mouth, hands and feet absorb the difference senses from where you come from, the brain draws it in, and later down the track, you realise that your mind has been cranked open to accept more around you, because of these experiences.

It doesn’t matter where you travel – it could be just to the countryside to see how the farmers live their lives, if you have been the city girl / boy. It could be a walk in a National Park that you have never ventured into before, and you start discovering all these wonderful creatures you never knew about.

Travel. Expand your mind.


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