No Hurry

I am in no hurry to get over you. I don’t really know why. I know that I will have to at some stage, but at this very moment, I am embracing the moments where I really miss you. I am treasuring the warm and fuzzies you gave me when we had that phase of intensity. And I am reminiscing on how beautiful you looked when you were only 2-3 inches away from me. Those beautiful green eyes.

I really am in no hurry, and for now, everyone else I see pales in comparison to you. I know at some point, unless providence says otherwise, I will get over you, and I will be moving on, letting go, etc. But for now, I really am in no hurry because as much as I would like to deny it, the connection that you and I had, despite our differences, was the deepest I would have ever had with any other woman.

I think about you every single day, and I miss you. And whilst it is necessary that I get over you, I am in no hurry. And I feel like there’s something waiting for me on the other side of this – it is as though this sense of not being in a hurry will lead me to a place of comfort, healing, and ultimately a place where I will find someone whom I can love and be loved by without borders.

Sometimes, I wonder if it might be you. I suppose I will just let life reveal itself.

For now, I am in no hurry, and I miss you every single day.


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