Letting Go

At the essence of it all, letting go encompasses several factors:

  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Tears (lots of it in some instances)
  • Brain cells (for all the moments of over-thinking)
  • Mellow-dramatic music that reminds you of her/him.
  • Weight gain / loss (depends on your luck of the draw with dealing in such situations)
  • High level of desire to find a rebound
  • Tremendous amount of guilt over the former factor when it does start setting in.
  • Self-love / Self-hate (though I thoroughly recommend the former for both your sanity and your future partner’s).

And don’t allow yourself a deadline to letting go of a person whom you’ve loved, no matter how short a period of time it might have been. Don’t let yourself be defined by what you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media mediums that you are inclined to review every 5 minutes.

Letting go takes a lot more than just saying “I’m letting you go”. It is about finding that peace within that it was neither your fault, nor hers / his for saying goodbye at the time. It is knowing, and actually believing deep inside, that you and her / him will find the life that you were headed towards, and that your time together was to teach you certain lesson(s) in life that only she / he could.

Easier said than done. Indeed.

It is going beyond that feeling of bitterness. That feeling of “I don’t want to have these feelings for you, but yet I miss you so”. Go beyond, go above. Rise. Believe you can do it. Look outside. Get out of the zone of rebounding, and get into the zone of healing. Take the time. And actually take it. Don’t allow what you’ve been conditioned to think is normal in this world become the driving factor to where you’re headed in life.

Letting go is already a complex process. Approach it simply.


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