Do It Yourself

And, most of all, to survive.

If anything, when you feel like things are just crumbling before your face, and things seem to be too difficult to bear, remember that you only need to survive. Keep your head above the water. Float.

Swimming in life is tiring. And whilst you will find that there are people around who would hold you and support you as you swim through, you will go through periods where you are alone. You are the only one in the ocean, surviving. So breathe, keep your head above the water, because that’s what you need to do to get to the end goal of whatever you are fighting for in life. Be it a second chance, or the ability to do something different, or in my case, fighting for the chance to love and be loved by someone special, you float. You survive. You breathe.

And don’t forget to take in the sights while you’re just floating too. Ever so often, our eyes wander out there, and we can’t even see past our own nose.

Breathe. Wander outside. Survive.


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