I am an engineer. An electrical engineer at that. Yes, I know… “Why?” I wonder myself sometimes too. Why did I choose this path of electrical engineering, when none of my immediate family ┬ámembers came from the engineering field. Why choose this path when my passion is with music, with food, with airplanes, with medical dramas.

Thing is, I have grown to love what I do for a living. I don’t have the same passion as Albert Einstein in terms of the formulas behind the imaginary element that can burn us with a touch at the right voltage. But I have grown to love the beauty of engineering. I have grown to love that I can make a difference to a corporation, and that in turn would hopefully make a difference to someone’s life either because of the ability to work in an industry that is a direct result of mine, etc.

I also love to write. I used to be a food blogger, and am still attempting to revive my supposed now non-existent reputation in Perth, WA, but it is proving to be difficult due to work commitments and the fact that I no longer have that luxury to try different places in the city.

You will get to know me if you choose to read my blog on a regular basis. You will come to know that I am a walking paradox. I have conflicts in my head all of the time. I can be a real pottymouth, and it gets worse the more comfortable I am with the person.

I have no idea who will read this blog, but I welcome comments. I welcome your views on mine. Who knows we might end up having a friendly debate. But what I will not appreciate are comments that are offensive. We are all in this world together, fighting for love. Why taint and create unhappiness? There is enough of that in this world.

The ramblings you will read are my personal experiences, and my thoughts on work, on people, on life, on religion, on the battle of homosexuality and the cultural effects on it.

The engineer thinks logically during the day, but has a pretty warped mind when she starts blogging.