Right On Time

I consider myself a pretty patient person. I have waited up to an hour for someone to show up. And over the years I have realised that more often than not I am the one who would be waiting. 

What is this thing about wanting to be on time? It is about respect. It is really quite simple. I aim to be on time because I respect the person or people whom I am meeting. And the best part about all of this is that it has only occurred to me this morning. In the shower. 

I would not dare to claim anyone being late to be the most disrespectful fool on earth but one who values you as a person and as a friend would pay attention to the time. 

It would not be a drastic change as to get rid of these people who have made me wait. But. It is true food for thought to say the very least. 

And in particular one person is already in mind. 

These morning inspirations can be a real game changer. 🙂


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